Long years of building of the contact database within the region of Central and Eastern Europe enabled company KOVAC to offer the unique service of being able to seek for a solutions to companies interested in lowering their costs by:

- Finding better supplies of the products, services or the raw material
- Outsource the part of the production within the region of CEE
- Transferring production to lower cost areas of Europe
- New products development
- Project and design
- Emploees from CEE
- Utilizing wide scale of contacts and partners in the region of CEE, especially:

  Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Croatia


      KOVAC has joined forces with the CEE region based group E.W.B - East - West - Bridge, please click on the link bellow for more information:


     New possibilities
  • Even wider database of contacts in the region of CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).
  • Larger support for various projects and/or demands.
  • Larger amount of partners .
  • More proffesional attitude. 

      What new services would you like to see in a future ? - Tell us right now!

Isn't your business competitive anymore in the global economy?
Than this service is a definite must have.
It's beyond simple!

-- Marko Kovac

What's NEW?

KOVAC became a member
of E.W.B group.

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